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Hungarians for Japan

Baptist Aid participated in two larger scale charity programmes prior to the Easter season.

Crew Members of the Hungarian Baptist Aid Arrive In Japan

Crew members of the Hungarian Baptist Aid arrived in Tokyo early this morning (on March 12th, 2011).

Hungarian BWAid Rescue 24 volunteers hurry to the scene of the earthquake in Japan

BWAid Rescue 24 volunteers hurry to the scene of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan to join local Baptist workers in their rescue efforts. Hungarian Baptist Aid CEO Dr. Bela Szilagyi and rescue commander Laszlo Pavelcze responded to the request of the Baptist Convention of Japan.

Rescue 24 team helps in Japan

Director-general of Hungarian Baptist Aid Dr. Bela Szilagyi, and emergency management director, Laszlo Pavelcze also left for the disaster-beaten Japan to help the victims.

Hungarian Baptist Aid and BWAid Rescue24 participates in the successful rescue evacuation of 96 people from Libya

The Malév Hungarian Airlines flight carrying Hungarians and citizens of other European countries trapped in Libya touched down at Budapest Airport Sunday evening.

Christmas present for the students in Devecser

National Help Line in collaboration with the Hungarian Baptist Aid, Hungarian Maltese Charity Service, Catholic Caritas and the Hungarian Interchurch Aid, bought a mini-bus to the municipality of Devecser.

Three-day-long hot food delivery in Kőbánya

Hungarian Baptist Aid organised a hot food delivery from the 21th till the 23th of December in Kőbánya (X. district of Budapest).

Arrival of shoeboxes

Shoeboxes have been brought to the collecting poin of the HBAid even today although „shoebox project” has been finished. 22.000 shoesboxes arrived from all over the country. The most of it, 10.500 were collected at the big shoebox on the Western square, Budapest.

Homeless people in a luxury hotel

The hotel Le Meridien organised a special dinner for homeless people living in the homeless shelter of HBAid.

Sludge disaster, charity, feast, gifts delivery

Christmas gifts and aids have been delivered on the 17th of December in Devecser.

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