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Short Movie about HBaid Rescue Team Working in Haiti

The short movie presenting the circumtances and the work of Health Care team is done.

Click here to watch the movie

The Story of the Lamerique Children (Port-au-Prince, Delmas quarter)

Pastor Lamerique, now with the Lord due to the tragic earthquake, was one of the leading Baptist pastors in Haiti. He led a church of 600, managed a kindergarten, a primary school and a children's sports club. His wife and children survived. They shared the happenings of the devastating hour with Dr. Szilágyi of HBAid.

Latest photos of Rescue24 team working in Haiti

Check out the latest photos of Rescue24 team working in Haiti.

International Ministries Journal - Hungarians in Haiti: “Never seen anything like this!"

"The situation is terrible. I have never seen anything like this!" So reports? Dr. Bela Szilagyi, a ten-year veteran of emergency relief work. Dr. Szilagyi and Pavelcze Laci, Baptists from Hungary, arrived in Haiti on Friday as part of a Baptist medical team. Military air control had directed the team’s airplane to land in the Dominican Republic near its border with Haiti. UN soldiers then escorted them overland into Haiti.

Dr. Béla Szilágyi, CEO of HBAid reports from Haiti

BWAid HBAid Rescue24 Medical Team arrived in Haiti Friday noon. Sunday we attended close to 120 patients, many of them have not yet received any medical care... Hundreds of patients are waiting on hospital corridors, backyard, parking lot. Some of us work nightshifts in the operation room.

A BWAid Rescue24 staff reports from Haiti

The Baptist team has started working at the Port-au-Prince clinic of
local partner Global Outreach.
Rescue teams working in the midst of immense chaos, confusion and the
terrible smell of dead bodies - this was the scene that welcomed the
North Carolina-Hungary team in the Haitian capital.

Haiti - BWAid Responds to Earthquake

Baptist World Aid (BWAid), the relief and development arm of the Baptist World Alliance, is committed to working with Haitian Baptists following yesterday's earthquake.
BWAid has committed emergency grants of $10,000 each to the Baptist Convention of Haiti and the Haiti Baptist Mission. BWAid will also be launching an appeal for funds to enable relief to be provided to all.
Baptist Relief agencies from North America, and further afield are considering how best they can help. Two representatives of BWAid's Rescue24 team of first responders from Hungary, are en-route to Haiti. They will be linking up with North Carolina Baptist Men according to BWAid Director, Paul Montacute.
Updates on the situation will be given as regularly as possible.

Baptist Help in Haiti

As the six-member RESCUE 24 Team in North-Carolina, USA is fully prepared to leave for Haiti, two Hungarian Baptist Aid experts left at noon today for the scene of the devastating earthquake. They plan to join their fellow American and Australian teams.
If there is a possibility to get close to the center of the disaster, than the Rescue24 International Search and Rescue Team will be able to provide help for the victims of the earthquake.

Homlesses Fancy Dinner at a Luxury Hotel

70 homelesses were invited for a fancy dinner at five stars Hotel Meridien from the Homeless shelter of the Hungarian Baptist Aid.

Aid Packages Spread Trough the Country

Thank for the donation of the Hungarian Post Office we succsessfully fulfilled 100 calls for help that we had received from places of the country side, at the end of 2009. With the managing of Mrs Herencsár Klug, Györgyi our coworkers put several aid packages together. These packeges had durable goods, gifts for children and clothing.Unfortunately we were not able to satisfy all the calls and needs, however, these 100 packages could hopefully decrease some families’ urgent needs.

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